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well, salubong makes me agitated to get up from my bed, just as i remember when i was a kid. but salubong in my place is at dawn, just after the easter vigil that ends up 3 a.m. then a litle rest then the bells rung to signal the start of the procession. the BVM here is not on mourning but in glory as the crown signifies. for us the face of the BVM is almost unrecognized bcos it is covered with a dark veil all over and only shown her splendor when the angel took the veil and presto Viva Virgen de Alegria. and all people shout to greet the (once a sorrowful) Mother and the Risen Christ. Dove il Cristo recisutato? sabi nung italian sa tabi ko. saan daw yung Cristo na nabuhay?


Very colourful - and some good looking ladies!


another journalistic work. Well done!


Wow, that's quite high. I like how the angel was uncovered. Must have been a lovely scene. My mom became an angel in this kind of procession several times when she was a young girl.


That's definitely one of the nicer processions I've seen.


We would have not just one angel, but a choir of 3-5 angels all hanging by a bamboo pole. The opened "banana heart" looks like a spaceship, hehe.

Ashish Sidapara

Very cute, superb series!

Ashwathy Nair

Interesting images, great colors!


A beautiful ceremony with spectacular color...which you capture so well. Excellent work again.


I am sure the kid enjoyed her angel role. There are more dangerous situations in the Philippines than hanging by a rope and bamboo pole.


Sorry, it's been long time since I didn't take time to pass here.
Well, always a pleasure to look at your pics and remember how good it felt to be in the Philippines!

Hope you are doing great, ingat ka


GReat set god they go to such effort. Beautifully documented. Phil


Nung bata pa ko pinagkwekwentuhan yan ng mga classmates ko at di talaga ako makarelate... ganyan pala yun....tuwing salubong ba yan?


i'm absolutely certain that Health and safety wouldn't allow that here!! great shots as ever


comme dans les bananes en papier-maché il y a toujours quelque chose de bon ou de beau dans tes photos


She's so cute. And she's like an angel ... Really!



Great story! Thank you!


the kid-angel finally emerges.. so that's how it is... nice.!


Such an incredibly beautiful angel! WOW!


does the kid has an insurance? hehe. just kidding. a very rich and colorful tradition indeed.

p.s. so you're in Belgium right now. it's not raining much as i have expected it to be. maybe the rain will pour the next time you're here. get a little taste of the flood, huh Sidney? anyway...enjoy your long vacation.


It's like a exotic fairy tale. I like the second photo very much too : the tension of what will be seen.

Gérard Méry

Ce rituel me plait mieux que le sang de l'autre jour

Otto K.

Excellent, very cool set, Sidney.


The Salubong celebration sounds amazing and very exotic to a Norwegian. It's great, colorful, powerful and very symbolic and you have capture all that in a remarkable good way: Almost like being there - almost like experience it!
Btw: Thanks for wishing me a good Scandinavian summer:-)


Wow, love this: the angel descends on us. Great colours in yesterday's photos!

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